Peanut Butter Scented Items

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When life gives you peanut butter, you make peanut butter scented items from it. That’s just how we do things here with Peanut Butter Scent Items and we’re here to tell you: these products the best thing that happened to peanut butter since its invention. We have all sorts of products scented with your favorite flavor, from candles to air fresheners. Give your room the smell of comfort and luxury with this peanut butter scented candle, scented soy jar, or scented lotion. You’ll be feeling warm and nutty all year round!

Ditch the same old gift baskets and gift cards this year and get a gift that will make them feel loved! Make your loved one feel extra special with a gift that they’ll actually use. All of our items are scented with natural peanut butter fragrance, giving it a delicious, nutty scent that’s sure to make them smile.

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