Margarita Scented Soap Bar


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Get the authentic taste of a refreshing margarita, even when you can’t have one! This Margarita Scented Soap Bar made by Man’s Hands are made from the finest ingredients and have just the right combination of citrusy, zesty scent. Make your hands smell like a tropical vacation with Margarita Scented Soap. Or transport yourself to a sandy beach with a margarita in hand when taking a bath or shower with this soap bar. They’re soft and lather well, without drying out your skin. And, they’re made from all natural ingredients without any harmful chemicals so it’s safe to use. Sure to make any day feel like Friday that it’s a must to get this beach-side margarita aromatic hand-crafted soap.

8 reviews for Margarita Scented Soap Bar

  1. Clay Hanson

    Kids love it

  2. Heather Smith

    Bought for coworker for Christmas and he thoroughly enjoyed it!

  3. Lamar Stokes

    My favorite….hard to fine…so I buy it all when I find it!!!

  4. Ramona Larson

    It\’s exactly what I wanted for a 50th birthday gift.

  5. Mirtha Worrell

    I love them!

  6. Cory

    This is the best lip slacker ever

  7. Lucas Porter

    If you like to give funny gifts, this is it and fits perfectly. Lot of fun with it.

  8. Pablo T.

    Worked out great and itโ€™s very high-quality.

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