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Anyone care to smell another personโ€™s socks? Itโ€™s now completely possible, completely safe and even fun especially if they smell like holiday food. Even though the holidays just passed, itโ€™s the holidays all year long for anyone who loves having fun. For Bare Feet’s Smell My Feet Scented Eggnog Socks makes both smelling socks and smelling your favorite Eggnog drink possible.

The thought of Christmas, Hanukah, and other holiday foods can quickly lighten up a personโ€™s mood. And even though the holidays just passed, itโ€™s never too early to warm someoneโ€™s feet and give them the holiday mood at the same time. Enter For Bare Feet’s Smell My Feet Scented Eggnog Socks. These comfortable eggnog scented socks whose one size fits all, is a perfect gift to anyone; especially those who like Christmas and holiday food such as candy canes, fruitcakes, ginger bread and pumpkin spice latte.

Even though theyโ€™re fashionably awkward, who bothers to peek through another personโ€™s socks at work? When at home, theyโ€™re quite comfortable during cold weather while bringing out that sweet eggnog scent.

11 reviews for Eggnog Scented Socks

  1. Levi Benson

    Kids love it

  2. Katrina Perkins

    I love them!

  3. Pablo T.

    Awesome gift for a good laugh. No complaints.

  4. Craig

    Bought as a gift, recipient loved it!!

  5. Wendell Dawson

    Shipping was crazy fast.

  6. Orlando C

    Makes everyone smile!

  7. Jorge Frazier

    Gift Exchange at work. Person who got it found it to be really funny!

  8. Timmy Allen

    6 year old lost her mind for weeks on end. Good size and quality.

  9. Timmy Allen

    Came super fast and exactly as described!!

  10. Gilberto Alexander

    I love it, it’s just expensive.

  11. Leticia Collier

    Bought for coworker for Christmas and he thoroughly enjoyed it!

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