Whiffer Sniffer Rainbow Slushy Scented Backpack Clip


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We often want our office and school accessories to be fun and useful. This Rainbow Slushie Scented Keychain from a well-known brand is perfect for fulfilling their desire. This 5″ rainbow scented clip is compatible with a school bag, lunchbox, or different backpacks as well. Its beautiful design and lovely colors will surely enhance the beauty of your school and office accessories while smelling like a rainbow slushie.

The clip of this rainbow slushie keychain is straightforward to use, and you can effortlessly hang it with your backpack. This rainbow keychain has a lovely scent of fruity ice pop which further adds to its beauty. Besides such features, this slushie scented keychain’s packaging is also marvelous, which makes it the ideal gift for kids during different events.

9 reviews for Whiffer Sniffer Rainbow Slushy Scented Backpack Clip

  1. Erick Garcia

    Funny. Bought it for the second time for a Christmas grab bag.

  2. Wade Douglas

    I ordered it to give as a gift and I think my friend will like it.

  3. Betty Cruz

    My son loved it

  4. Brittany M.

    It is a nice size!

  5. Jeffrey Stone

    Early delivery and a perfect gift!

  6. Betty S.

    You get what you pay for. Its just what I expected for the price.

  7. Ramona Larson

    It’s exactly what I wanted for a 50th birthday gift.

  8. Chester Collins


  9. Phillip Ryan

    Perfect white elephant gift. Person who ended up with it decided to re-gift it. It brought so much laughter. Looked good as a hat also.

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