Mountain Dew Soda Scented Lip Balm


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We all love a cold can of Mountain Dew, but now we can love the taste even more with a lip balm that smells just like it! This will make a great gift for any fan of Mountain Dew and is perfect for getting through the winter with a little bit of citrus. So get your favorite flavor delivered right to your door!

Whether you’re a fan of our soda, or just want a unique lip balm, we’ve got you covered with this Mountain Dew flavored lip balm from the makers of the original Mountain Dew soda. They’ve been making this flavor since 1936, and it’s still going strong. It’s a great way to keep your lips hydrated and healthy in a fun twist on a classic flavor

Give your lips that fresh mountain dew taste! Keep your lips moist and kissable all day with this Mountain Dew lip balm. It tastes just like the soda because it’s made with real Mountain Dew soda flavor, but don’t get caught eating your own lip balm!

14 reviews for Mountain Dew Soda Scented Lip Balm

  1. Max Cooper

    It was same shape size and scent as advertised.

  2. Andrew Okeefe

    AMAZING. Iโ€™ve been looking for this chapstick so when I finally found it, I was beyond relieved.

  3. Fernando Carlson

    Has some of the best scents in my opinion

  4. Samuel Lewis

    That\’s not a bad price imo.

  5. Joann

    There is no better out there! It doesnโ€™t dry my lips, leaves a nice hint of color, and smells awesome.

  6. Kristen Ellis

    There is no better out there! It doesnโ€™t dry my lips, leaves a nice hint of color, and smells awesome.

  7. Dwight Logan

    Iโ€™m in my thirties and have not found a comparable โ€˜adultโ€™ balm like this. It moistures, tastes great, smells great, Iโ€™ve been using lip smackers for 23 it seems like.๐Ÿ˜‚the best and I tried all the brands, still my favorite.

  8. Dana D

    I’ve been addicted to these lipsmackers since childhood

  9. Craig

    Very well made, extremely adorable and totally worth the money.

  10. Marc Berry

    Was a gag birthday present, very well received and a hit!

  11. Jeffrey Stone

    My son loved it

  12. Lee Coleman

    Came as pictured with adjustable strap. Quick delivery with their selected vendors

  13. Randy Palmer

    Which is why I got it! For a crazy scents party!

  14. Jenny Spencer

    So good smell! So me! So fun!

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