Bubble Yum Bubblegum Scented Lip Balm


Is there anything more nostalgic than the smell of pink Bubble Yum bubblegum? Now you can carry that scent with you all day, thanks to Bubble Yum’s Lip Balm with a sweet bubblegum scent. Make your lips moisturized while tasting the bubblegum flavor will make you the envy of every friend at your next social gathering. The sweet, fruity flavor will make you want to eat it at first sight, but don’t do that! This lip balm is formulated without artificial colors or scents made by the Bubble Yum brand themselves. Satisfy your craving for sweet, sugary, snacks using this fresh-smelling lip balm with a burst of flavor from Bubble Yum. Bring a little bubblicious magic to your lips!


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