Bubblegum Scented Cologne Spray (1 oz)


The new scent for our generation, you’ll smell like you’ve got a sweet tooth with this delicious smell. With this new range of cologne spray, you can smell like your favorite fruity candy and the compliments will be rolling in. There is nothing more delightful than the smell of fresh, juicy, bubblegum . You can capture this feeling with this sweet smelling Bubblegum Scented Cologne Spray from Demeter. It’s perfect for both boys and girls! You’ll be the center of attention with this Bubblegum Scented Cologne Spray and may even look tasty to some people. Gift those that was one of the notorious bubblegum chewers among the late 90s and early 2000s crowd. Simply chew on this offer (pun intended) and give your sense of smell a sweet, nostalgic feeling with this quality scented cologne perfume spray.


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