Bubble Gum Scented Fragrance Oil (1 oz)


Premium quality Bubble Gum fragrance oil is preferred by both home and working spaces where many people gather around. To spread a bubbly scent beautiful vibe to your living area, your bedroom, or even on your body, you can use this lovely bubblegum oil fragrance.

Recommended Usage Areas:
β€’ This fragrance oil is recommended for home and car diffusion, to be used in this manner, simply apply a few drops to every aromatherapy diffuser, whether by steaming or reeding.
β€’ It can be diluted in body care formulas, candle and soap processing, household cleaners, and current non-scented items.
β€’ In fact, the bubble gum fragrance scented oil is not suitable for internal usage or the production of lip balm and should also not be used as undiluted.
β€’ As this enhanced formulation is fragrance oil, it has no medicinal benefit as such. It is only designed for cosmetic and household applications.

Size: Bottled in a 1 oz glass bottle with easy dispensing feature. You can use this fun bubblegum scented fragrance oil wherever and whenever you want!


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