Bubblegum Purple Scented Smelli Gelli Baff Slime


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Do you like the smell of bubblegum and a slime fanatic? Then this is the product for you! This Bubblegum Scented Purple Bath Slime is a fun and exciting way to make your bath time more enjoyable. Simply take it out, throw it in the water, squish it around in your hands, and enjoy the bright purple texture mix turning into goo! The perfect gift for someone who loves to take bubble baths. It also works for those kids that don’t love baths, but will do anything to play with slime. This all-natural bath slime is made with high quality ingredients making it safe for your kids. The purple bubblegum scented slime dissolves in water and will not stain your tub. Who doesn’t love a good, sweet, grape bubblegum scent? Now you can have it every time you take a bath!

8 reviews for Bubblegum Purple Scented Smelli Gelli Baff Slime

  1. Jeff Davis

    My little one was so very excited to receive this for her birthday.

  2. Marg Spivey

    I use this stuff ALL the time, I have one in almost every pocket and in my purse.

  3. Rex Huff

    Purchased for 4 year old nephew for Christmas and is still intact months later.

  4. Wilma S.

    Bought this as a birthday present for my brother. Massive hit.

  5. Clayton Robbins

    My favorite of these type of lip glosses.

  6. Lawrence Ross

    Fast delivery, great price, exactly as described, happy child.

  7. Lyle Russell

    Itโ€™s very sturdy and good smell, I think itโ€™s a little pricey for what it is but he loved it and thatโ€™s all that matters.

  8. Gabriel Castillo

    6 year old lost her mind for weeks on end. Good size and quality.

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