Bubblegum Scratch n Sniff Scented Stickers (45 ct)


Introducing the newest bubblegum scratch n sniff sticker that will take your sticker game to the next level. Bubblegum Scratch n Sniff Stickers are the newest way to take the nostalgia of your favorite gum and turn it into an exciting scratch and sniff scent! The fragrance of these stickers will remind you of your favorite childhood past time – chewing bubblegum. Your sense of smell is now at your fingertips. Bring back the old school, good times with these one-time use, scratch n sniff stickers. Each sticker set comes with 45 different bubblegum fun designs. With tons of fruity and cute stickers from our vendors, we’ll make you and your friends smile with these unique scents we all know and love. These stickers make for great stocking stuffers or party favors. Get too close and you’ll be chew the bubblegum sticker, but don’t!


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