Bubblegum Scented Wax Cubes (6 Pack)


You’ve always wanted to share your love of bubblegum, so why not with scent? Our Bubblegum Scent Wax Cubes are perfect for adding a phenomenal fragrance to any room. With fresh, fruity fragrance, long lasting scents, and sensational smells – it’s the perfect accessory for any home. This nostalgic scent will take you back to your childhood, where nothing could go wrong, and everything was just so sweet. Whether you want to have a party or just brighten up your day, these bubble gum scented wax cubes are perfect for any occasion. Simply pop one into your wax warmer and enjoy the sweet smells that will fill your home. A few cubes will have your home smelling like a freshly-opened pack of the best gum on the market. These delicious smelling bubble gum scented wax cubes are also great for making your own candles. Add some sweetness to your life with our delicious new waxy treat!


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