Snifty Bubblegum Scented Pen


Looking for a pen that smells like your favorite childhood candy? The Official Bubblegum Scented Smelling Pen is here! Imagine, your favorite smell in your hand. This pen comes with a ballpoint tip perfect for writing and sketching. Satisfy your hunger for sweets and get a taste of nostalgia with this deliciously smelling pen. Just give it a sniff and be transported back to the days when you were carefree, playing hop-scotch in the schoolyard. This exclusive pen made by Snifty makes it easy to have a great smelling note taking experience. The pen comes pre-filled with bubblegum scent ink and includes a soft, squeezable rubber grip for extra comfort. It also makes for a fantastic gift for anyone who likes to chew gum and still wants to be productive. This is the perfect gift for any occasion, including Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Day or just because. Enjoy the taste of bubblegum with every sentence you ink!


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