Lifesavers Cherry Scented Candle


Size: 3oz

(5 customer reviews)

You’ll feel like you’ve just eaten a Lifesaver when you light up this Lifesaver Cherry Scented Candle! This candle is the perfect combination of Lifesavers’ signature flavor with the added bonus of a cherry scent that’ll fill your house with pleasure. this Lifesavers-scented candle will bring the fresh and crisp flavor of a classic lifesaver to your home. The lingering scent will fill your space, evoking feelings of nostalgia and happiness. It will feel like you’re transforming your room into an experience of an old fashioned cherry field, with Lifesavers Cheery Candles. Bring the outdoors in with this nostalgic scent that smells just like the real thing, but better. The perfect gift for any occasion or holiday. The bright cherry scent candle can’t be beatโ€”especially when you’re struggling to find a gift for a friend or spouse. Take a whiff of this yummy cherry Lifesaver now, because the scent will make you feel like you’re a lifesaver just by investing in this great scented experience.

5 reviews for Lifesavers Cherry Scented Candle

  1. Joan Ramos

    These are awesome. I buy these once a year and usually give a few away.

  2. Kristina Jefferson

    these are really adorable

  3. Jimmy H.

    So good smell, a lot better quality then I was expecting.

  4. Mack Townsend

    My son loves everything scents! So this was perfect for him, it\’s not super girly even and toned down enough to still be boyish.

  5. Austin

    It was exactly as described. scent was just as bright. Worked wonderfully for the gift I made.

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