Hershey Brand Scented Lip Balm Variety (8 Pack)


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Kiss dry lips goodbye with this Hershey Variety Lip Balm Variety Pack. We’ve got your favorite Hershey flavors, like milk chocolate and cherry, as well as more ones that are just classic cravings. The Hershey’s Variety Lip Balm Pack is the perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth. With these classic Hershey’s flavors like Twizzlers, Jolly Rancher, and Reese’s, this lip balm set is sure to please anyone. Plus, there is a variety of different flavors to choose from – so there’s something for everyone. The lip balm is made with natural ingredients and is a great way to keep your lips moisturized and smelling great. With so many different flavors, you’ll never get bored of your lip balm. It’s time to get your Hershey fix with a variety pack of our new lip balms.

The Hershey Variety Lip Balm comes with 8 different flavors: Hershey’s, Whoppers, Twizzlers Rainbow, Bubble Yum, Reese’s, York’s, Ice Breakers, and Twizzlers.

11 reviews for Hershey Brand Scented Lip Balm Variety (8 Pack)

  1. Debbie Silva

    Worked out great and itโ€™s very high-quality.

  2. Edward Bryant

    You done good

  3. Dale Zimmerman

    I bought this for my sister who loves scents stuff. We had a blast trying it on and laughing.

  4. Wilma S.

    Moisturized lips. Just enough tint. Thin and breathable. I wear it daily whether I have on a full face of makeup or no makeup.

  5. Marg Spivey

    There is no better out there! It doesnโ€™t dry my lips, leaves a nice hint of color, and smells awesome.

  6. Jessica Luna

    I use this stuff ALL the time, I have one in almost every pocket and in my purse.

  7. Estelle Sanchez

    Your lips will never be chapped with this product.

  8. Chester Collins

    Itโ€™s simply amazing…

  9. Chester Collins

    Brings me back to my younger days. It gives just a hint of color and makes lips kissable! Highly recommend for old and young.

  10. Jerald Page

    It was exactly as described. scent was just as bright. Worked wonderfully for the gift I made.

  11. Timmy Allen

    Bought for coworker for Christmas and he thoroughly enjoyed it!

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