Nestle Chocolate Scented Lip Balm Variety (6 Pack)


What feels better than eating chocolate? Having it on your lips! Nestle’s iconic chocolate flavor comes in six delicious flavors, each with a unique taste and texture. Keep your lips moist, soft, and full of flavor with our newest product. The most delicious and desirable flavors of all time gets a sweet makeover with this set of Nestle Flavored Lip Balms. Made with natural ingredients and flavors, these balms are sure to keep your lips moisturized and make you feel like you’re in a chocolate wonderland.ย With six delicious flavors available, you’ll be intrigued to taste all of them. Whether you love Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, Crunch, Raisinets, Sno Caps, and Chunky this pack has the perfect chocolate flavors for you. Taste the best flavors of your childhood with these lip balms from Nestle!


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