Fruit Scented Markers (10 Colors)


(20 customer reviews)

Coloring with these amazing fruit-scented markers is definitely a creative adventure for both kids and adults. You can reach into your imagination and draw things that once used to live in your dreams and now smell. Furthermore, if you have kids, coloring with these markers can help them develop motor skills, recognize various colors, and build focus. In the world of smartphones and laptops, you can notice that it is hard to focus on a task like you used to do. These fruit scented markers can be a great help in bringing back your focus. Besides that, these washable coloring markers are extremely safe for children. If you are a teacher, these scented markers with all types of fruit flavors will make your life easier, as they are excellent in conveying messages and teaching through visualization. The durable chisel tip allows for two width writing and broad lines so not only are the smells great but the artwork turns out as well. Such a fine tip can help you in drawing and writing beautifully. Get yourself a set of the fruit scented markers!

20 reviews for Fruit Scented Markers (10 Colors)

  1. Saul Sullivan

    Would buy again for sure. Especially since the price was quite nice.

  2. Shannon Schwartz

    Super cute! They smell good.

  3. Jennifer Gonzalez

    so much fun, quality product, size appropriate, funny

  4. Wade Douglas

    My favorite….hard to fine…so I buy it all when I find it!!!

  5. Dawn Stevenson

    My granddaughter is really into scentss. And she loved it

  6. Jeffrey Stone

    Got it as a gag gift. Went over tremendously

  7. Harold Smith

    My son loved it

  8. Delores M.

    Nice well nice I bought a second one for the neighbors kid

  9. Gwendolyn O.

    My daughter loves it and would buy it again

  10. Craig

    They were so good smell . A great gift for someone who likes scentss

  11. Cheryl Jones

    I used this as a gag gift. It was a hit!

  12. Ronnie Stewart

    This was a gift. My friend loved the scented items.

  13. Lee Coleman

    Gift Exchange at work. Person who got it found it to be really funny!

  14. Kristen Ellis

    Itโ€™s everything that was promised. I bought this in conjunction with other scents products for my 6 yr old

  15. Marion Ross

    Early delivery and a perfect gift!

  16. Martha Harvey

    Which is why I got it! For a crazy scents party!

  17. Delores M.

    Purchased for 4 year old nephew for Christmas and is still intact months later.

  18. Jerald Page

    Bought for coworker for Christmas and he thoroughly enjoyed it!

  19. Franklin Anderson

    Bought as a gift for niece, she loved it. Good quality product.

  20. Delores M.

    Funny. Bought it for the second time for a Christmas grab bag.

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