Dill Pickle Scented Air Freshener Hanging

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Just because you have a stinky car doesn’t mean you have to smell like one, too! The freshest way to freshen up! Dill Pickle Air Freshener is a fun, funny, and fresh way to freshen up any room. And now, thanks to Dill Pickle Air Freshener, you can experience the same delicious scent of dill pickles in your home. Now you can have that mouth-watering dill pickle scent anywhere you go with Dill Pickle Air Freshener. There’s no need for a jar of pickles, this air freshener will make your car, bathroom, or any other place smell like you’ve been hanging out at the pickle factory all day. The smell of dill pickles is unmistakable, with notes of vinegar and spices. It’s fresh, light, and crisp. Gift yourself and your friends one too. Introducing Dill Pickle Scented Air Freshener Hanging, the perfect scent to instantly make your space smell like you’ve just made dinner!

6 reviews for Dill Pickle Scented Air Freshener Hanging

  1. Wilson Drake

    At my wedding party, guests were fighting for it. A lot of fun.

  2. Austin

    I was very excited to receive this Lip Smackers pack.

  3. Sonya Swanson

    This is all I ever use. I will continue to buy this until I find better

  4. Sergio Marshall

    Love the scent and print.

  5. Laverne Alvarado

    I bought this as a gift for a GI doctor and she loved it.

  6. Bridget Fields

    Purchased for 4 year old nephew for Christmas and is still intact months later.

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