Pickle Scented Erasers (12 Pack)


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Put your nose to the test and sniff out these Pickle Scented Erasers to see if you can tell the difference! xSometimes, you just need to clean up your mistakes. These Pickle Scented Erasers are perfect for when you make a mistake in your homework. They’ll make the experience more enjoyable for everyone! These erasers are made from a dough that’s shaped into a pickle and then coated in a thin layer of soft silicone rubber. Whether they’re used in the classroom setting or office space these pickle scented erasers are sure to be a joy. These pickle smelling erasers are also a great addition to party favor bags to pass out at your next kid’s birthday. These erasers are perfect for kids of all ages. They smell like pickles, look like pickles, and are shaped like pickles. But they are not edible! You would not believe how good these pickle scented erasers smell. Why settle for a plain old boring eraser when you can have a delicious pickle, too?

7 reviews for Pickle Scented Erasers (12 Pack)

  1. Lorena Quinn

    Got it as a gag gift. Went over tremendously

  2. Orlando C

    I laughed at first…. these are usually for kids, right? Well, wrong!!!! I love it!

  3. Stephen Peterson

    Smells like the real deal, my mom loved it

  4. Fredrick Roberts

    Stuffing stuffers for granddaughters. They loved it!

  5. Barry Oliver

    If you\’re in the market for scents products, look no further

  6. Jenny Spencer

    My son asked for this as a gift. This would not have been my pick for a gift but he LOVES his new scents product.

  7. Jenny Spencer

    This is a great hot! Itโ€™s good quality, itโ€™s right, and definitely gets a laugh!

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