Pickle Scented Plush Toy (12″ in)


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Give your sense of smell something to smile about with these Pickle Scented Plush Toys. Whiffer Sniffer has taken your favorite salty food, the pickle, and made it into something you can cuddle. When you feel like pickles are the only thing that will make your day better, give this toy a squeeze. Send a pickle-scented toy to that one friend who always get their hands dirty digging for pickles from the jar. Now you can have your favorite pickle cravings satisfied without any of the mess and wherever you go! Whiffer Sniffer’s Pickle Scented Plush Toy is not only deliciously smelling but also adorable, making it a perfect gift for anyone with a salty tooth. It’s authentic pickle smell is total immersion, and has a soft and cuddly texture for maximum cuteness. This soft, huggable plush toy is scented for the perfect pickle smell – 24/7.

6 reviews for Pickle Scented Plush Toy (12″ in)

  1. Homer Hardy

    They knocked it out of the park on this product!

  2. Irvin Pratt

    Sooooo funny. My granddaughter is a big fan of scentss. for unknown reasons to me and my generation. However, whatever makes her laugh out loud is good enough for me. She gets such a kick out of these scents things

  3. Jack Brooks

    My 6 year old grandson loved it. He thought it was the funniest thing ever.

  4. Phillip Ryan

    My granddaughter is really into scentss. And she loved it

  5. Arthur Reyes

    Love the scent and print.

  6. Ken W.

    Worked out great and itโ€™s very high-quality.

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