Pizza Scented Soap Bar


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Smell like a slice of heaven in no time with this Man Hand’s Pizza Scented Soap Bar. This scented soap bar is reminiscent of a delicious pizza, without the calories, fat or carbs. This soap is made with ingredients that clean and moisturize your hands while smelling just like a freshly baked pizza. With a deep, rich fragrance of tomato sauce and a hint of cheese, this will make anyone want to even try a bite of it. We strongly suggest people against it! Pair it with the other pizza scented items here and you will have completed a perfect gift set for any big pizza lover. It makes for a great gift for any occasion including birthdays, anniversaries, party favors, pizza fan clubs, and pretty much anything else. This is just the perfect gag gift for your friend who’s always craving that cheesy, pepperoni-y goodness. Keep your hands smelling like a mouth-watering pizza pie!

6 reviews for Pizza Scented Soap Bar

  1. Lynette Spencer

    You get what you pay for. Its just what I expected for the price.

  2. Shannon

    Super good smell & funny

  3. Violet Cobb

    Wow! Ordered in Canada and arrived straight to my door in just a few weeks.

  4. Jack Brooks

    Some kid wouldnโ€™t give it back…so yea itโ€™s good I guess.

  5. Hattie G.

    My son loved it

  6. Timmy Allen

    Very well made, I love it and I hope my love will too.

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