Pizza Scented Plush Toy (12″ in)


Give your child the gift of a lifetime with this one-of-a-kind, pizza scented plush toy. This toy is not only soft and cuddly, but it smells like pizza! This adorable toy comes in the shape of a slice of pizza and has a strong, authentic-smelling fragrance that will remind you of your favorite slices. This Pizza Scented Plush Toy is not only for children, it’s the perfect gift for the pizza lover in your life. It’s perfect for kids and adults alike. They will love to snuggle up with this soft, cuddly plush toy smells like freshly baked pizza and everyone loves pizza! They’re made with soft, high-quality material and are built to last. With this pizza scented plush toy, you can satisfy your craving any time you want. You can’t go wrong with this toy made by Whiffer Sniffer. You can’t eat it, but you can hug it!

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