MindWare Buttered Popcorn Scented Putty


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It’s the classic movie theater treat in one of the most fun textures you’ll ever feel! MindWare’s Popcorn Scented Putty is made to smell like real butter and popcorn, yum! It’s like a movie theater in your hands. Popcorn Scented Putty is a buttery, buttered popcorn scented putty that will make you hungry every time you use it. This delicious smelling putty is a fun and easy way to relieve stress, anxiety, and boredom. It’s perfect for fidgeters, kids, and adults alike. Soft and stretchy, this putty is perfect for kneading and shaping. You’ll never want to put it down! It’s a gift that’s never too boring to pass up, this buttered popcorn smelling putty is perfect inside gift baskets or given as a gift on its own. Get your hands on this one-of-a-kind putty that smells just like movie theater popcorn – without the buttery hands and calories!

13 reviews for MindWare Buttered Popcorn Scented Putty

  1. Stephen Singleton

    Bought this as a birthday present for my brother. Massive hit.

  2. Dana D

    It was same shape size and scent as advertised.

  3. Deborah Dean

    HUGE hit with my adult scents fixated daughter.

  4. Ian Mccormick

    I use this stuff ALL the time, I have one in almost every pocket and in my purse.

  5. Betty S.

    6 year old lost her mind for weeks on end. Good size and quality.

  6. Wilma S.

    This is so good smell !!

  7. Gertrude T.

    hubby bought this for fantasy league loser to wear during this year\’s draft.

  8. Leslie Schneider

    This is a great hot! Itโ€™s good quality, itโ€™s right, and definitely gets a laugh!

  9. Brittany M.

    Very well made, I love it and I hope my love will too.

  10. Pablo T.

    If you’re in the market for scents products, look no further

  11. Arthur Patton

    Love the scent and print.

  12. Freddie May

    My daughter loves it and would buy it again

  13. Lyle Russell

    Bought as a gag gift…he is still having fun withit

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