Popcorn Scented Jigsaw Puzzle (100 Piece)


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Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly popped corn? The smell is so delicious and aromatic that it’s now been recreated in a scented jigsaw puzzle! You might be thinking: But wait, don’t you need to pop popcorn first? There’s no need to wait and we promise you’ll love this puzzle and the incredible smell of just-popped popcorn. The Popcorn Scented Jigsaw Puzzle is the perfect game set to not only heighten the logical and thinking motor skills, but this one will heighten your sense of smell full of buttery popcorn. If you love puzzles and love watching movies this Popcorn Scented Jigsaw Puzzle is perfect for you. This Puzzle of course smells like popcorn and the pieces are all shapes of popcorn. This puzzle is fun for all ages and can be used as a gift for anyone, but is especially perfect for people who love to watch movies and munching on unlimited refills of popcorn at the theaters. Taken a classic puzzle and given it a new, this sweet twist with a yummy popcorn scent is the ideal item to buy!

13 reviews for Popcorn Scented Jigsaw Puzzle (100 Piece)

  1. Judy Nguyen

    I may be 65 yrs. young, but I refuse to grow up!!! LOL Just added it to my collection of pranks and silly things!

  2. Ann Russell

    I discovered this lip gloss many years ago. It’s getting harder to find in stores.

  3. Terisa Beattie

    The real thing is better than photo!

  4. Elijah S.

    Bought it for my goddaughter and she loves it. She hasn\’t used it yet but I\’m happy with the purchase.

  5. Roberta Drake

    this is perfectly scented and my son loves it

  6. Hubert Greene

    Makes everyone smile!

  7. Mack Townsend

    6 year old lost her mind for weeks on end. Good size and quality.

  8. Gertrude T.

    Other employees are jealous and want their own

  9. Clayton Robbins

    I love it, it’s just expensive.

  10. Marc Berry

    I bought this as a gift for a GI doctor and she loved it.

  11. Ernestine

    If you like to give funny gifts, this is it and fits perfectly. Lot of fun with it.

  12. Shannon

    HUGE hit with my adult scents fixated daughter.

  13. Estelle Sanchez

    Purchased for 4 year old nephew for Christmas and is still intact months later.

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