Popcorn Scented Socks


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Scented socks are quite popular among people out there. If you are looking for a pair of socks that gives out popcorn smell, you should go ahead and buy these. The unique smell of these socks would impress you. Wearing these socks is the easiest way available for you to make your feet smell like food. This will be a one-of-a-kind scented sock and you will never regret about the purchase you make.
The popcorn scented socks are ideal for both men as well as women. You can keep the unique smell of these socks last for around 1 to 2 washes without a problem. These scented socks smelling like buttery delicious popcorn are super soft as well. Thatโ€™s mainly because the socks are made with 83% Acrylic and 14% Nylon. You can also think about wearing these socks for every occasion that you attend as well. You can get multiple designs in these popcorn scented socks as well. On the other hand, they are a great option available for wearing to any kind of an event, including a birthday, party, or any other special event. You will even be able to give these unique popcorn scented socks for your loved ones. Buy these socks and make your feet smell great.

12 reviews for Popcorn Scented Socks

  1. Earnest Tucker

    My granddaughter is really into scentss. And she loved it

  2. Babara Hawks

    Got this for my boyfriend who is a scents fanatic! He was very excited to receive this as a gift. Very good quality.

  3. Victoria Nguyen

    Sister likes this product

  4. Teresa Neal

    This is a great hot! Itโ€™s good quality, itโ€™s right, and definitely gets a laugh!

  5. Orlando C

    Fast delivery, great price, exactly as described, happy child.

  6. Emily

    Gift Exchange at work. Person who got it found it to be really funny!

  7. Sergio Marshall

    Itโ€™s very sturdy and good smell, I think itโ€™s a little pricey for what it is but he loved it and thatโ€™s all that matters.

  8. Blake Mcbride

    Got this for my boyfriend who is a scents fanatic! He was very excited to receive this as a gift. Very good quality.

  9. Martha Harvey

    Makes everyone smile!

  10. Jack Brooks

    Love the scent and print.

  11. Cory

    good smell, 9 year old loved them

  12. Harold Smith

    Very well made, I love it and I hope my love will too.

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