Candy Cane Peppermint Room Spray


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Room scents add freshness to your room and also refresh your mind. The Candy Cane Room Spray by EBM Creations is now available in peppermint spray which also has a hint of sweet vanilla. The scent smells very natural and refreshing that it instantly makes you feel calm and relaxed.

The candy cane peppermint scent comes in a nice black-colored PET bottle and has almost 4 ounces of scent. Spray the scent in your desired area 4-8 times and let the fragrance spread. You will love the absolutely amazing peppermint scent and would love to use it again. Even your guests will leave your house feeling amazing and will definitely ask you about the room spray you have used.

The peppermint candy cane scent has only three ingredients, that is, fragrance, distilled water, and witch hazel. There are no added chemicals and you can use them safely anywhere. However, it is recommended to use it in such a way that the spray does not touch your body or any electrical wires.

12 reviews for Candy Cane Peppermint Room Spray

  1. Julius Mckenzie

    I bought this for my sister who loves scents stuff. We had a blast trying it on and laughing.

  2. Timmy Allen

    Other employees are jealous and want their own

  3. Wade Douglas

    so much fun, quality product, size appropriate, funny

  4. Nelida Mcpherson

    I was very excited to receive this Lip Smackers pack.

  5. Lisa Copeland

    Gift Exchange at work. Person who got it found it to be really funny!

  6. Alicia Griffin

    Awesome product when you want to put humor in the occasion, whether itโ€™s a milestone birthday, or to lighten the burden of lifeโ€™s heavy problems! Plus itโ€™s high quality,

  7. Chester Collins

    Which is why I got it! For a crazy scents party!

  8. Brittany M.

    My son loves everything scents! So this was perfect for him, it’s not super girly even and toned down enough to still be boyish.

  9. Cecilia Barnes

    Kids love it

  10. Jeanne S.

    Bought it for my goddaughter and she loves it. She hasn’t used it yet but I’m happy with the purchase.

  11. Brian Reese

    Got it as a gag gift. Went over tremendously

  12. Erika P

    Came as pictured with adjustable strap. Quick delivery with their selected vendors

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