Candy Cane Scented Socks


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Do you want to make your feet smell good after wearing socks? Then Candy Cane Scented Socks are something that you should buy. This will be a perfect gift that you can purchase for yourself in the upcoming Christmas. The unique smell given out of these socks would make your feel smell like food. It will be an appealing smell and you will fall in love with what comes to you.

You or the person youโ€™re gifting will love to get hold of these peppermint scented socks because it is the best possible experience at all times in our opinion. The smell given out by these socks would last for around two washes. Since these candy cane printed smelling socks are trendy looking, you have the freedom to wear them for any given occasion. However, it will deliver the best looks when you are going to wear them for a casual event, such as a party, birthday, and even for Christmas morning. You will get a fun-filled experience with these candy cane smelling socks and they will never fail to impress you.

11 reviews for Candy Cane Scented Socks

  1. Roman Daniels

    Fun for all! Exactly what I expected.

  2. Gilberto Alexander

    Perfect white elephant gift. Person who ended up with it decided to re-gift it. It brought so much laughter. Looked good as a hat also.

  3. Shannon Schwartz

    All the scents in the picture came in my package , and they are spot on

  4. Bridget Fields

    I laughed at first…. these are usually for kids, right? Well, wrong!!!! I love it!

  5. Shannon Schwartz

    So good smell! So me! So fun!

  6. Sherri

    Bought as a gift, recipient loved it!!

  7. Alicia Griffin

    This is a great hot! Itโ€™s good quality, itโ€™s right, and definitely gets a laugh!

  8. Phillip Ryan

    It’s exactly what I wanted for a 50th birthday gift.

  9. Alicia Griffin

    This was a gift. My friend loved the scented items.

  10. Erika P

    Great product. Great price.

  11. Ken W.

    So good smell! So me! So fun!

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