Mr. Sketch Blue Slush Scented Marker (12 pack)


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Mr. Sketch Raspberry Slush is a new, scented marker that smells just like a blue raspberry slushy! The Blue Raspberry Slushy scented markers are a must have for any kid or adult who loves to draw, color, and create. Mr Sketch Blue Raspberry Slushy Scented Markers are perfect for all your coloring needs. Use it to draw, write, or color in your favorite coloring book and any of your art projects and other crafts. The scent is so delicious you’ll want to lick the tip, but donโ€™t do that! The markers are also non-toxic and safe for kids. Perfect for all your doodles and drawings, this marker will make your creations smell delicious.

3 reviews for Mr. Sketch Blue Slush Scented Marker (12 pack)

  1. Terence Davidson

    The scent is incredible and we\’re definitely coming back here

  2. Estelle Sanchez

    Perfect, just what we were expecting!

  3. Mable Hampton

    Other employees are jealous and want their own

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