Mike and Ike Candy Scented Slime


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This amazing scented set of colored slimes are a great way to keep your young one busy. Mike Ike Candy Scented slime is a non-edible candy scented slime manufactured from original fruits. The set has 3 containers filled with neon butter slime. Each container comes with its lid. The kids would enjoy playing with these non-edible fruit-scented reusable slimes. The best part is the three different sweet-scented flavors of slime. These include strawberry, orange, and cherry. Each slime weighs 3.5 ounces and comes ready to be played with! Simply take off the lids and let your kids enjoy playing with the fun, gooey substance.

Slimes are a great way to relieve stress. Your children would find Mike Ike Candy scented slimes oddly satisfying. They do not stick on the hands and are a fun way to spend time fidgeting. This set of slime is for children of 8+ years of age who are old enough to know that the slimes are not edible. If youโ€™re looking to give your children a fun time, Mike Ike Candy scented slime is the way to go!

12 reviews for Mike and Ike Candy Scented Slime

  1. Emilio Moore

    Perfect, just what we were expecting!

  2. Michelle Elliott

    Awesome gift for a good laugh. No complaints.

  3. Pedro Figueroa

    Bought as a gift for niece, she loved it. Good quality product.

  4. Harvey

    My granddaughter is really into scentss. And she loved it

  5. Sherri

    Fun for all! Exactly what I expected.

  6. Rosalie

    It met all my expectations.

  7. Craig

    So good smell! So me! So fun!

  8. Hubert Greene

    Bought as a gift for niece, she loved it. Good quality product.

  9. Ernestine

    Got it as a gift. Looked as advertised and fit the gift receiver well.

  10. Lamar Stokes

    I have 2 daughters, 8yo and 5yo and they both LOVE these

  11. Hubert Greene

    They were so good smell . A great gift for someone who likes scentss

  12. Jeffrey Stone

    Bought this as a birthday present for my brother. Massive hit.

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