Pixy Stix Strawberry Scented Lip Balm


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When you can’t help but ask for one more Pixy Stix, we’ve got you covered. Mixed with the nostalgia of Pixy Stix and the sweetness of summer strawberries for a lip balm that will make you believe that there is indeed still good in the world. This stick is infused with Pixy Stix Strawberry flavored lip balm and packaged in the classic lip balm tube so it fits anywhere. Whether you need a midday snack or daily treat, this is for you. Pixy Stix Strawberry Lip Balm is a twist on the traditional Pixy Stix! It’s basically the creation of delicious strawberry flavored goodness in a tube. The strawberry balm has the same great taste and texture as regular Chapstick, but with a great strawberry candy scent. It’s a perfect balance of sweet & twisty with a soft consistency. Take it with you for a way to keep your lips moisturized and feel good about what you’re putting on with its quality natural ingredients! Treat your lips to the ultimate in lip candy therapy with Pixy Stix Strawberry Balm.

11 reviews for Pixy Stix Strawberry Scented Lip Balm

  1. Maxine Luna

    Which is why I got it! For a crazy scents party!

  2. Jeff Bishop

    Early delivery and a perfect gift!

  3. Shannon Schwartz

    Brings me back to my younger days. It gives just a hint of color and makes lips kissable! Highly recommend for old and young.

  4. Gregg Johnston

    I have been buying this lip balm for many years now. Nothing compares to the scent, flavor, or pretty color it leaves behind.

  5. Cory

    Moisturized lips. Just enough tint. Thin and breathable. I wear it daily whether I have on a full face of makeup or no makeup.

  6. Van B.

    I laughed at first…. these are usually for kids, right? Well, wrong!!!! I love it!

  7. Gustavo Schultz

    It met all my expectations.

  8. Lyle Russell

    Got this for my boyfriend who is a scents fanatic! He was very excited to receive this as a gift. Very good quality.

  9. Evette Fries


  10. Todd

    My favorite….hard to fine…so I buy it all when I find it!!!

  11. Wilma S.

    Great product. Fast delivery. True to description.

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