Pineapple Scented Swimming Goggles


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Among all the swimming gears, pineapple scented swimming goggle makes swimming a good experience. Generally, swimming goggles comes in different colors, shapes and scents. And all these qualities are to give the users the highest comfort they deserve. Pineapple scented swimming goggles have all these qualities and that makes it stand out among other swimming goggles. However, it’s designed for young swimmers, those between ages of 3 to 8 years, because of the sweet pineapple aroma and the tender fitting it gives.

It’s made of soft silicone eye gaskets which makes it water-tight fit for sensitive faces. And a protective and safety features, such as antifogging, ultraviolet light protection, and latex free (for latex sensitive individuals). It equally has easily, adjustable back clips which makes straps simple to loose and or tighten. Good enough, each pack comes with one piece of frame, that makes it durable and gives the desired comfort conclusively, pineapple scented swimming goggle was formulated and constructed with the kids and teens in mind.

The pineapple aroma keeps away the chlorine odors, just as the water-tight fitting eye gasket protects the eye from the water (and all the additives). It equally, possess nose piece that protects the nostril, the nasal bones and and other structures. The different colors give it a universal acceptance and usage, thus a must have for every child going for swimming, either in a competition or as an or as an outdoor exercise. If you are thinking of owning goggles for your kids, think of pineapple scented swimming goggle.

20 reviews for Pineapple Scented Swimming Goggles

  1. Dean Gardner

    Really, really good smell!!

  2. Jane Butler

    If you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’re in the market for scents products, look no further

  3. Eula Dean

    My son asked for this as a gift. This would not have been my pick for a gift but he LOVES his new scents product.

  4. Lyle Russell

    Kids love it

  5. Todd

    This is a great hot! Itโ€™s good quality, itโ€™s right, and definitely gets a laugh!

  6. Elijah S.

    Just as pictured

  7. Alicia Griffin

    I looked and I found it. Couldn\’t be happier.

  8. Jeffrey Stone

    My son loves everything scents! So this was perfect for him, it\\\\\\\’s not super girly even and toned down enough to still be boyish.

  9. Hubert Greene

    Awesome gift for a good laugh. No complaints.

  10. Alvin Boone

    Great item for the price! totally recommend!!

  11. Franklin Anderson

    This was a gift for my oldest daughter. She love it

  12. Jeffrey Stone

    Product was as expected.

  13. Freddie May

    Gift Exchange at work. Person who got it found it to be really funny!

  14. Rex

    Some kid wouldnโ€™t give it back…so yea itโ€™s good I guess.

  15. Ramona Larson

    This is so good smell !!

  16. Gilberto Alexander

    You done good

  17. Nadine Wong

    Kids love it

  18. Van B.

    Nice well nice I bought a second one for the neighbors kid

  19. Jesse Murphy

    This was a gift. My friend loved the scented items.

  20. Cory

    Early delivery and a perfect gift!

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