Bubblegum Scented Slime Gue


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This is the best slime you’ll ever get your hands on! It’s not sticky, it’s not gooey, and it doesn’t leave any residue. It’s just the right amount of stretchy and it smells like the best bubblegum you’ll ever get your nose on. This Elmer’s Bubblegum Scented Slime Gue is so much fun to play with and it smells delicious. Bubblegum Scented Slime is the latest craze in the toy industry. With this slime, you can enjoy the sweet scent of bubblegum while you’re playing with it. It’s perfect for all ages and the fun will last for hours making it a great sensory activity toy. You’ll love the yummy, delicious bubblegum scent of your slime when you open up the package. Elmer’s popular bubble slime is a fun, stress-relieving toy that you can enjoy with friends and family. Mixing the gooey toy is a creative, messy activity that will help you forget about your worries for a while. Get your bubblegum scented slime today!

7 reviews for Bubblegum Scented Slime Gue

  1. Lana Moss

    Love the scent and print.

  2. Tara Barrett

    Good delivery speed. I will always buy these every few months.

  3. Sally Davidson

    You get what you pay for. Its just what I expected for the price.

  4. Jessica Padilla

    My favorite of these type of lip glosses.

  5. Frank A

    Really, really good smell!!

  6. Sally Davidson

    My granddaughter is really into scentss. And she loved it

  7. Frances Jensen

    Perfect, just what we were expecting!

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