Dill Pickle Scented Putty

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This is the hands-down favorite way to have a dill time! Create your own pickle-flavored masterpiece with this fresh, green-to-yellow, doughy putty. It’s a fantastic addition to any art room, and a must-have for all pickle lovers. Dill Pickle Scented Putty is made with real dill so it actually smells like a dill pickle. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer or party favor for anyone who loves pickles. What can you do with our dill pickle scented putty? It’s a new twist on the ‘silly putty’ that of course has a delightful dill pickle scent and is both soft and stretchy. Kids will love this dill pickle scented toy which they can use to make creative shapes and decorations, or to help relieve stress and anxiety. Put your nose to the test with Dill Pickle Scented Putty. This dill pickle-scented putty is the toy to have for everyone and all ages. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to have fun!

7 reviews for Dill Pickle Scented Putty

  1. Krystal Potter

    Was a gag birthday present, very well received and a hit!

  2. Don Moran

    Such a great gift!!

  3. Michelle Elliott

    Makes everyone smile!

  4. Franklin Anderson

    Love the flavor and scent.

  5. Timmy Allen

    So good smell! So me! So fun!

  6. Martha Harvey

    Which is why I got it! For a crazy scents party!

  7. Jeanne S.

    My son asked for this as a gift. This would not have been my pick for a gift but he LOVES his new scents product.

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